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Click on Explore an application to get a list of all applications you can explore.

Some random things

Strands of ICT learning

This page is intended to be a navigator for technology learning. Technology learning can be broadly classified into four strands:

  1. Basic digital literacy
  2. ICT for connecting and learning
  3. ICT for resource creation - these can be further divided into the following:
    1. ICT for generic resource creation
    2. ICT for subject specific resource creation
    3. ICT for resource publishing
  4. ICT for teaching learning

Each of the nodes in the mind map below will link to a strand of technology learning. "Click to Learn" on a particular node (on the red arrow) to navigate to that application.

Instructions for preparing the 'explore an application' page for a particular application

  1. Please follow template for handout
  2. Keep screen shot sizes standard for your tool, as much as possible so that it looks neat in a table. It should also be visible.
  3. Label the screen shot as follows: Freeplane_image1_inserting_child_node.png (Toolname_imagenumber_whatoperation) - Do not use spaces but use underscore.
  4. Complete the handout in ODT as per our template
  5. Follow instructions on how to upload on Wiki media commons and for your tool upload the images