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ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ನೋಡಿ


In Ubuntu 14.04 version currently we are using Aard Dictionry. Its very useful to use for language translations.

for Ubuntu 16.04 latest version presently Aard dictionary is not supporting, so here we can use Gold dictionary instead of it. It also has same features like Aard dictionary.

This handout will briefly explain about Aard dictionary.

ICT Competency

Aard Dictionary is a free, fast, easy to use word lookup program. that looks up words fast even with huge dictionaries like English Wikipedia. looks up words in multiple dictionaries in multiple languages without switching -is keyboard navigation friendly -has efficient, highly compressed dictionary data storage format with ability to verify data integrity built-in.

Educational application and relevance

look up the meaning of an English word you see or hear. find the English translation of a word in your language. check the spelling of a word. check the plural of a noun or past tense of a verb find out other grammatical information about a word.


Aard Offline Dictionary 0.9.3


In Ubuntu 14.04 version This tool has no specific configuration requirements. We need to add required language dictionaries. You can download dictionaries from the developer's website, in case you didn't have any stored on your computer.
Please visit https://github.com/itkach/slob/wiki/Dictionaries and click on required language dictionaries and then click download. It will download to your computer and will store in Download folder.

Overview of Features

It has lots of features that allow you to search Wikipedia articles even if you're offline. You can also look up words in multiple dictionaries in multiple languages without switching. All in all, Aard Dictionary is a very useful application that you can use in order to search for words in dictionaries and browse through articles on Wikipedia when you're offline.

Other similar applications

There are many Online and offline dictionaries available for desktops and also for android versions.

  1. GoldenDict
  2. Kiwix
  3. WordWeb
  4. Gnome Dictionary

Development and community help

Official Website

Working with the application


Aard Dictionaries 1 Main Window.png To add Dictionaries.png
Step 1- To open Aard Dictionary, follow the steps :

Application – Accessories – Aard Dictionary.

Step 2- To add dictionaries

In menu bar click on Dictionaries > Add Dictionaries, then select your downloaded language dictionaries from Download folder.

Aard Dictionaries 2 Showing Meaning of the Word.png
Step 2- To use Aard dictionaries

Under Lookup option please type your word. Then we can see the translated version, Nouns and Verbs for given word.

File formats for creation

Not Applicable

Saving the file

Not Applicable

Export and publishing files

Not Applicable

Advanced features

Not Applicable


Method of installation Steps
From Ubuntu software Centre Application- Ubuntu-Software Centre, Here search for “Aard Dictionaty” and then click on Install.
From Terminal Open Terminal by Ctrl+Alt+T, then type following command there-
sudo dpkg -i aarddict_0.9.3-1_all.deb
From the web Please go through this link to download aard dictionaries from website - http://aarddict.org/1/
Web based registration Not Applicable

To Add Dictionaries Then we need to add dictionaries- to download different language dictionaries – steps are as follows : visit - https://github.com/yogiks/offline-indic-wiktionaries/wiki/Dictionaries#wiktionary link and click required languages dictionaries. It will get download to your computer. And then in Aard Dictionaries window top panel, click on add Dictionaries. Select your downloaded file and add your dictionaries.

The application on mobiles and tablets

There is a Aard 2 application is available in Google Play store for android mobiles.

Ideas for resource creation

Not applicable