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Table of contents

Educational applications for teachers

Preface 100% developed

Technology for Teacher Professional Development

Technology for teacher professional development 75% developed

  1. ICT and Society 100% developed
  2. ICT in Education 100% developed
  3. ICT for connecting and learning 100% developed
    1. What is internet and web 100% developed
    2. Professional learning communities 100% developed
    3. Building a personal digital library 100% developed
  4. ICT for generic resource creation 100% developed
    1. Digital story telling 75% developed
  5. ICT for subject specific resource creation 75% developed
    1. Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge TPACK 75% developed
  6. ICT in teaching learning 75% developed
  7. Explore an application 75% developed

Transaction Notes for the ICT Student Textbook

  1. Approach to the ICT Student Textbook 100% developed
  2. School level implementation guidelines 75% developed
  3. What is the nature of ICT 75% developed
  4. Data representation and processing 75% developed
  5. Communication with graphics 100% developed
  6. Audio visual communication 100% developed
  7. Software applications 100% developed
    1. Kanagram 100% developed
    2. Geogebra 100% developed
    3. KGeography 100% developed
    4. Marble 100% developed
  8. References 50% developed

Feedback0% developed

Feedback is very important in many topics, especially when writing a book like this. We would like to learn from your experience using this book.

  1. How much did this book help in your professional development?
  2. How did this book help you in transaction? Which topic was it most useful for? Which topic was it least useful for?
  3. Which topics did you have problem understanding?
  4. What ideas for improvements do you have?

Please send an email to TSICTCurriculumCoreGroup@googlegroups.com


Questions & Answers

Have a question? Why not ask the very textbook that you are learning from?

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