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GeoGebraTube is the name of the new material sharing platform, developed for the special needs of the GeoGebra community.


Basic information

ICT Competency This is a tool for uploading and publishing Geogebra materials.
Educational application and relevance GeoGebraTube is free website where users can search and share GeoGebra materials. It serves as a cloud storage for constructions created with GeoGebra and allows to convert them to worksheets by adding instructions for students or other content to make them better usable in classrooms. Interactive learning, teaching and evaluation resources created with GeoGebra can be shared and used by everyone at www.geogebratube.org
Version Not Applicable
Other similar applications There is no similar applications for this tool
The application on mobiles and tablets This is publishing tool, there is no mobile app for this.
Development and community help Official Website

Overview of Features

This tool helps to upload our Geogebra file along with images, videos, text, pdf files.


This is publishing tool, it doesn't need any installation.

Working with the application

GeogebraTube 1 Open GeogebraTube.png

GeogebraTube 2 Create Account.png

Step 1- To upload our geogebra material we must go to geogebra tube. For that search as www.geogebratube.org.

In address bar. This will take you to geogebra page like this.

Step 2 -To upload the material in geogebra tube we must have login id. To create id click on the sign in option and create account, it will show the window like this. Fill all the box and press create account option.
GeogebraTube 3 Account Setting.png

Geogebra Tube upload files.png

Geogebra Tube sign in.png

GeogebraTube 4 Upload Files.png

Step 3- When you press create account option it will take you to account setting window. Here you have to fill the personal information. Once the account is created, you need to login using that account. Step 4 -After login into account you can upload the material in the geogebra tube. To upload the material click on create > upload > browse option.
GeogebraTube 5 Select File.png

GeogebraTube 6 Show Like This.png

Step 5-When you click on the browse option it will show the page like this. Here you select uploading material. Step 6 After selecting material itwill show the geogebra file like this and ask you to give name.
GeogebraTube 7 Add Text Video Image.png

GeogebraTube 8 Short Summary.png

Step 7-Along with this you can add text, video, image, pdf file by clicking add element option. Step 8- When you try to save the option it will again ask you to write short summary, target group, language, visibility ect.

Saving the files and formats

Not Applicable

Advanced features

Not Applicable'

Ideas for resource creation