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Welcome to the world of free and open software applications

The digital world is full of offerings, software applications, web tools, digital resources and is open to teachers and students to dive into it and learn. Such learning is not only becoming familiar and comfortable and competent in the use of different digital methods, but also strengthening ones own capabilities for self-learning and peer based learning.

This page gives you an organized representation of the different software applications used in the textbook, organized by the themes of ICT.

You can learn every tool as and when you require its functions. You can also independently explore the applications as well! This section intentionally includes many applications, which you may learn at your pace and inclination!

Basic digital literacy

Explore a computer

Learn Ubuntu

Learn Tux Typing

Learn Tux Paint

Learn Image Viewer

Learn VLC Player

ICT for connecting and learning

Learn Firefox

Learn Thunderbird

Learn Moodle

Learn BigBlueButton

ICT for generic resource creation (text)

Learn Gedit

Learn Freeplane

Learn Libreoffice Writer

Learn LibreOffice Calc

Learn LibreOffice Impress

Learn LibreOffice Math

Learn PDF Shuffler

Learn Okular

ICT for generic resource creation (graphic)

Learn ScreenShot

Learn Kolor Paint

Learn MyPaint

Learn Tupi

Learn GIMP

Learn Inkscape

Learn Sozi

ICT for generic resource creation (audiovisual)

Learn Audacity

Learn H5P

Learn Vokoscreen

Learn Kdenlive

Learn Kazam

Learn Open Shot video Editor

ICT for resource creation - subject specific (maths and science)

Learn Geogebra

Learn Robo-comp as#s

Learn TurtleBlocks

Learn PhET

Learn Stellarium

Learn Kalzium

Learn Avogadro

Learn Easy Java Simulation

ICT for resource creation - subject specific (social science and languages)

Learn Marble

Learn KGeography

Learn KLetters

Learn KWordquiz

Learn Kanagram

Learn Translators

Learn Dictionaries

Learn OSM

ICT for resource creation - publishing

Learn Flickr #

Learn Google Photos #

Learn Wikimedia Commons

Learn GoogleDrive #

Learn Youtube #

Learn Vimeo #

Learn Yourlisten

Learn Soundcloud

Learn Slideshare

Learn Geogebratube

Learn Mediawiki

# - not Free and Open Source.

Navigating across the applications

Click on Explore an application to get a list of all applications you can explore. You can click on any of the links on this page to open the application you want to explore

Each of the nodes in the mind map below will link to a strand of technology learning. "Click to Learn" on a particular node (on the red arrow) to navigate to that application. Happy Exploring!!

Download concept map of applications

Teachers toolkit

You can refer to the 'Teachers' toolkit to create OER using FOSS applications', to self-learn how to use text, image, animation, audio and video editors to create and revise OER. You can also learn how to publish OER created by you, on your own site, or on popular OER sites.