Geogebra session at Clix refresher training July 2019

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  1. Understand the features of Geogebra
  2. Experience Geogebra with hands-on practice.
  3. Understand how to teach with Geogebra with couple of lessons.

Structure of the session

  1. Overview of the session
  2. Introduction to Geogebra and it’s toolbar menu
  3. Draw different mathematical shapes (plot a points, lines and angles.) and save the file. Demo lines and angles lesson.
  4. Hands-on session.
  5. Demo Types of Angles lesson


  1. Learn Geogebra
  2. Explore Maths with Geogebra
  3. Geogebra Clix C01
  4. Geogebra tube - web repository of Geogebra files and related resources
  5. Geogebra - making a slider youtube video
  6. Kalpavriksha download link

Geogebra files

  2. File:2.Angles - Types of angles.ggb
  3. File:triangle with text box.ggb
  4. File:Sliders Angles.ggb
  5. File:1. y=mx+c Line Equation.ggb