ICT student textbook/Explore maths with Geogebra level 1

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ICT student textbook
Help build your vocabulary with Kanagram Explore maths with Geogebra level 1 Drawing with Geogebra


  1. Understanding the working of an interactive environment like Geogebra
  2. Getting familiar with different features for creating and working with Geogebra sketches
  3. Exploring different mathematical concepts with Geogebra, thus experiencing mathematics

Digital skills

  1. Working in an interactive environment through the use of different functionalities
  2. Being able to visualize how to give inputs in a programmable environment
  3. Working with Geogebra to create sketches as well as play around with given sketches

Your learning outputs

  1. Geogebra files demonstrating your creations
  2. Screenshots of sketches you have created using Geogebra


  1. Drawing shapes with Geogebra
  2. Getting introduced to lines and angles