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FF Multi Converter is a simple graphical application for Linux which enables you to convert audio, video, image and document files between all popular formats, by utilizing other command-line tools. It uses FFmpeg for audio/video files, the ImageMagick software suite for image conversions and unoconv for document files. The goal of FF Multi Converter is to gather the most popular multimedia types in one application and provide conversion options for them easily through a user-friendly graphical interface.

ICT Competency

Educational application and relevance


FF Multi Converter 1.6.0 -


Overview of Features

Conversions for several file formats. Very easy to use interface. Access to common conversion options. Audio/video ffmpeg-presets management. Options for saving and naming files. Multilingual - over 20 languages.

Other similar applications

  1. HandBrake' is an open-source, multithreaded video transcoder- it converts digital media from one format to another, compressing the files in the process.
  2. FFmpeg is an open source project that develops libraries and programs for handling multimedia data. FFmpeg is the home to libavcodec, a codec library used by a large spectrum of programs, and libavformat, a mux and demux library for containers.
  3. Freemake Video Converter
  4. Transmaggedon convertor

Development and community help

Official Website

Working with the application


FFmulticonverter 1 Mainpage.png FFmulticonverter 2 Add files.png
Step 1- To Open FF Multiconvertor, Go to Application-Office and there click on FF Multiconvertor. then main page will show like above Image. Here we can convert Images, Aduio/Video and Documents. Step 2- Click ADD button to add files to convert. Here we can add multiple files.When you click ADD button, it will ask the files to select. select your files from your storage place.
FFmulticonverter 3 Save folder.png FFmulticonverter 4 Converting process.png
Step 3- After Adding file to select, Please select the, formats which you want to get. Here you can select Size for images. and then select the output folder to save the converted file. you can save it in original storage folder or you can delete original file also from here. then click convert. Step 4- Once you click Convert, it will start converting process, you can see the progress of that. After completion your converted file will be saved in your output folder.

File formats for creation

All Image Formats, Audio/Video Formats can be convert.

Saving the file

It will ask us to choose the output folder to save.

Export and publishing files

Not Applicable

Advanced features


Method of installation Steps
From Ubuntu software Centre Type FF Multiconvertor in search bar and then click on Install.
From Terminal Open Terminal ( Ctrl+Alt+T) and then type below command
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ffmulticonverter
From the web Download from here
Web based registration

The application on mobiles and tablets

FF Multiconvertor is not available in mobiles. But there are many other multi convertors available in all android version mobile play store.

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