ICT student textbook/Data representation and processing level 1

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ICT student textbook
What is the nature of ICT level 1 learning check list Data representation and processing level 1 Data can tell stories


  1. Understanding data is in the various things we see around us
  2. Understanding that data can be represented as numbers, text, pictures
  3. Reading pictures, graphs and plots to make meaning
  4. Representing findings through concept maps and text documents

Digital skills

  1. Working with an operating system and interacting with the ICT environment – various devices, applications
  2. Reading data through images, pictures, photos, maps
  3. Introduction to text editor and local language typing
  4. Working with concept mapping application
  5. Working with text processing application

Your learning outputs

  1. Concept maps representing your understanding of information that you studied in different formats using a concept mapping tool
  2. Text documents with your analysis of data


  1. Activity 1 - Data can tell stories
  2. Activity 2 - Organizing data to make meaning
  3. Activity 3 – A concept map of data
  4. Activity 4 – Making a text document