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How to make data meaningful A concept map of data Making a text document

Making a concept map of data studied

In this activity, you will express your understanding and analysis of the data you have studied in the form of a concept map.


  1. Understanding concept mapping as a method of expression
  2. Using a concept map to explain the connections within data, further explorations, etc

What prior skills are assumed

  1. An understanding that data is of different kinds
  2. Familiarity with reading multiple kinds of data
  3. Organizing data and creating data sets
  4. Working with folders and files
  5. Keyboard input

What resources do you need

  1. Working computer lab with projector
  2. Computers installed with Ubuntu Operating System
  3. Computer lab with projection equipment
  4. Handout for Ubuntu
  5. Handout for Tux Typing
  6. Handout for Freeplane

What digital skills will you learn

  1. Introduction to working with a concept mapping tool - creating nodes, linking nodes and adding notes.
  2. There are different formats in which data can be captured
  3. Data in one format can be converted to another

Description of activity with detailed steps

Teacher led activity

  1. Your teacher will take you through a process of explaining data organization and method. For this she will use a concept mapping tool. There are many tools available for creating concept maps; we will use a tool called Freeplane in this textbook.
  2. We will use an existing data set to work on this. (We will use the languages of India map used in the previous activity)
  3. Your teacher will discuss with you how you can use the concept map to organize your thinking. She will also show you how a concept map can be used to document an output from a data analysis process. The mind map can be used as an editable concept map file or as an image.
  4. The concept map can contain information on what the data is about, process of organizing data, how data elements were identified and ideas about what else you want to learn.
Image of the concept map created on languages

File:Languages spoken in India.mm

Student activities

  1. You worked on different data collection and organizing activities in the previous section. For each data set that you collected, you also worked on a concept map that you digitized. Now, using a concept mapping tool, digitally create a concept map representing the various data elements, and store it in your folder. This will document the possible methods of organizing and representing data. This can be an introduction to data analysis.You can type in the text for the concept map in English or in Telugu or in any other language
  2. After creating this concept map, export this an image and save it in your folder.
  3. Export the concept map also as a text document. Open the text document and see how it is formatted by Freeplane.
  4. Write a short note about what is the difference between digitizing a hand-drawn concept map and digitally creating a concept map.
  5. Write a short note about how making a concept map helped you in your thinking processes. You can type this in a text document using LibreOffice Writer.


  1. Your data sets - raw data, tabulated by hand and digitized
  2. Your concept map of the data analysis in ".mm" format and image formats.