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TE year1sourcebook
year1 unit2 Summary of the Unit year1 unit2 Self assessment year1 unit2 Suggestions for more reading
  1. Over the year, you will be exploring new things about ICT; you will also be creating your outputs and building what is called a digital portfolio. This portfolio will include your outputs; from these you will be able to know what you have learnt. You will also keep adding and changing your portfolio. One of the special features of digital resources is that you can easily change (edit) your creation. This means that you can keep adding to your knowledge and also improve the quality of your output. You will have a cumulative portfolio at the end of year 2. The portfolio, will include, for each topic, a lesson plan prepared by you, which can include a concept map outlining the concepts and sub-concepts to be covered by the lesson. The lesson plan can be documented using a text editor. Images and links to web resources and audio-video files can be provided in this document. At the end of each year, your teacher will assess your portfolio. (Process portfolio). You can use this process to assess your learning.
  2. On your chosen topic(s), you will create an image/photo essay, text document with images as well as a simple video file with images, text and narration. These resources can be assessed based on clarity and coherence of ideas presented, appropriateness of the choice of resource creation methods, presentation style, complexity of effort and the overall effectiveness of the resource in communicating an idea.