Rajasthan Mathematics STF SRP workshop -2018

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Objective of the Mathematics Subject Teacher Forum (STF) State Resource Persons (SRP) workshop

  1. Facilitating teachers to learn to use Geogebra Free and Open Source software (FOSS) Mathematics educational application for
    1. Self-learning
    2. Resource creation (Open Educational Resources)
    3. Peer / collaborative learning
    4. Class room teaching
  2. Introducing teachers to the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge framework (TPACK) for supporting ICT integration in Teacher education
  3. Developing agenda, processes and resources for conducting district training of colleagues

Agenda for the workshop

Theme Time Structure Objectives / Outcomes Activities for participants Resources
Day 1
Workshop overview 10.00 – 10.30 Introduction 1. Understanding the objectives of the workshop

2.Agenda familiarisation and shared understanding of workshop flow

3. Sharing participant expectations


Workshop page

Technology for creating (Maths resources)

- Use of Geogebra for mathematics resources – I

10.30 – 1.30 Hands-on 1. Introduction to software and the tool bar

2. Draw different mathematical shapes (plot a points, lines, parallel lines and perpendicular lines.

3. Save Geogebra files

Plot a point, draw a line, parallel lines and perpendicular lines Learn Geogebra
Day 2
Technology for creating (Maths resources)

- Use of Geogebra for mathematics resources – II

10.00 - 1.30 Hands-on Geogebra - Triangles


1. Draw Triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, and angle sum property of all

2. Using the text box, show the formula of angle sum property

Learn Geogebra
Day 3
Technology for creating (Maths resources)

- Use of Geogebra for mathematics resources – III

10.00 – 1.00 Hands-on 1. Construction of circle, tangent, chord

2.Using slider

3. Text book problems Way forward

1.Working with check boxes, inputs

2. Setting up Geogebra sketches for problem solving, for chosen topic

Learn Geogebra
Feedback and closing 1.00 – 1.30 Your feedback is very important for us to prepare better feedback on the workshop in this form

Workshop resources

  1. Check list for participants of their learning
  2. Learn Geogebra
  3. Geogebra - making a slider youtube video
  4. Geogebra tube - web repository of Geogebra files and related resources
  5. Audio and video resource creation tools handout for DIKSHA
  6. Learn Ubuntu
  7. Teaching of Mathematics
  8. National Focus Group Position Paper
  9. Rajasthan Class 9 Mathematics Angle and their Measurement
  10. Rajasthan Class 9 Mathematics Area of Plane Figures
  11. Rajasthan Class 9 Mathematics Area of Triangles and Quadrilateral
  12. Rajasthan Class 9 Mathematics Congruence and Inequalities of Triangles
  13. Rajasthan Class 9 Mathematics Construction of Triangles
  14. Rajasthan Class 9 Mathematics Linear Equations in Two variables
  15. Rajasthan Class 9 Mathematics Number system
  16. Rajasthan Class 9 Plane Geometry and Line and Angle
  17. Rajasthan Class 9 Mathematics Polynomials
  18. Rajasthan Class 9 Mathematics Quadrilateral
  19. Rajasthan Class 9 Mathematics Rectilinear Figures
  20. Rajasthan Class 9 Mathematics Statistics
  21. Rajasthan Class 9 Mathematics Surface Area and Volume of cube and cuboid
  22. Rajasthan Class 9 Mathematics Trigonometric Ratios of Acute Angles

Way forward

  1. Planning the workshop in the district, which will be conducted by the SRPs, with limited support from IT for Change team.
  2. Geogebra demonstrations
  3. Geogebra hands on work by teachers

Workshop feedback form

Please enter your feedback on the workshop in this form.