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ICT student textbook
Educational applications for learning your subjects What is the nature of ICT level 1 How is a computer different from a fridge


  1. Understanding the power of digital ICT
  2. Understanding that ICT are more than only computers
  3. Understanding that data is of different kinds and can be edited, processed, combined in multiple formats which is what makes it possible to do many things with ICT - Creating with ICT
  4. Understanding that there are different devices for reading, representing, communicating data -Interacting with ICT
  5. Understanding of the computer as an ICT device which communicates with data and can connect with other computers - Connecting with ICT
  6. Getting introduced to the idea of programming and computing

Digital Skills

  1. Introduction to a range of ICT devices, and specifically the computer
  2. Handling ICT equipment safely
  3. Getting familiar with using an operating system for organizing the data on your computer through files and folders; we will work on the Ubuntu GNU/Linux free and open source operating system
  4. Using input devices for entering data
  5. Exploring multiple applications for understanding different things ICT can do
  6. Introduction to the internet, through the world wide web as a method of accessing information

Your learning outputs

  1. Logs of lessons using applications for keyboard input (handwritten logs and can be typed in a text editor document)
  2. Images created using Tux Paint
  3. Concept maps representing your understanding of ICT (hand drawn and digitized)
  4. A simple text document using a text editor


  1. Activity 1 - How is a computer different from a fridge
  2. Activity 2 - What all can you do with a computer