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ICT student textbook
Stories and songs come alive with pictures Creating animations Communication with graphics level 2 learning check list

Creating animations
You will work with a digital art creating tool to create animations.


  1. Understanding the principle of animations
  2. Creating simple animations
  3. Creating animated stories

What prior skills are assumed

  1. Understanding that images are another form of data and images can be used to communicate
  2. Familiarity with creating images using Tux Paint

What resources do you need

  1. Working computer lab with projector
  2. Computers installed with Ubuntu Operating System
  3. Handout for Ubuntu
  4. Handout for TuxPaint
  5. Some source pictures for animations can be made available. They can be downloaded from here.

What digital skills will you learn

  1. The basic principle behind an animation
  2. Working with digital art tools

Description of activity with detailed steps

Teacher led activity

In this fun activity you will understand how to create animations and discover what magic lies in your hands for creating animations.

Watch the following image: Watch the following video:

Can you see if there is any difference between the two? Your teacher will explain to you how animations are made.

She will demonstrate with the help of Tux Paint how to create simple animations.

To see this for yourself you will work with the following images.

Your teacher will demonstrate the following:

  1. Adding existing images to the Tux Paint folder for editing within the application
  2. Creating images with minor changes to create an animation
  3. Numbering images for playing as a slideshow
  4. Playing the slideshow for creating an animation
Animation with incremental changes
Animated story with multiple pictures

Student activities

  1. Using Tux Paint, create an animation with a base picture, small changes and movements to build an animation
  2. Using Tux Paint, create an animated motion picture with multiple images.


  1. Your image gallery of Tux Paint created files
  2. Presentation of the Tux Paint images as an animated slideshow