ICT student textbook/Communication with graphics level 1

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ICT student textbook
Data representation and processing level 1 learning check list Communication with graphics level 1 Photo and image essays


  1. Understanding story telling as communication
  2. Developing the ability to read pictures and tell a story
  3. Understanding that text and images can be combined to make a communication
  4. Ability to access images, combining to make them into image essays

Digital Skills

  1. Using different devices/ applications to capture an image using multiple methods – screen capture , camera, mobile phone, snapshot from video, scan, etc. and organizing these on a computer in a folder
  2. Creating image slide shows
  3. Combining text and images

Your learning outputs

  1. Folder with images and pictures
  2. Image slideshows
  3. Text documents with images inserted and text added


  1. Activity 1 - Photo and image essays
  2. Activity 2 - Tell a story