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What is this unit about

One of the most exciting things about ICT is videos - and this unit is about that. While human beings have been writing text and drawing pictures, videos are a relatively recent development. See below for the first video that was developed!

Can you make out how this was developed? Discuss with your friends and teachers.
See the following video - can you identify the elements in the video?

Yes, the video has the following elements:

  1. Picture
  2. Sound
  3. Movement

(A video is a series of images, communication movement, accompanied by audio).

We have already seen that all of this is data. ICT have made it possible to create data in the form of pictures, numbers, text, voice, sound and combine this to form a video. By itself, a picture can tell a story, text can tell a story, a voice can tell a story. Combining these is also a story telling exercise and is called audio visual communication. In this unit, we will look at how to create an audio visual communication. You will be introduced to this unit from class 7.


  1. Audio is a form of communication
  2. Audio can be verbal (use of words) and non verbal
  3. Audio can be combined with images
  4. Video can be a combination of images and audio
  5. Audio visual communication can be combined with text
  6. Ability to narrate a story, developing a story board

How is this unit organized

Like in the previous units, you will be working on this in multiple levels. Audio visual will be covered in classes 7 and 8 through the following two levels (this theme will not be transacted in class 6).

Audio visual communication level 1

Audio visual communication level 2

Audio visual communication level 3