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'ICT Mediation in Education' paper, for the D.El.Ed. Curriculum of Karnataka, revised during 2012-16, and further revised to align with the NCTE framework, during 2016.

The paper is offered over both years. The Teacher Educators Hand Book for Year 1 and year 2, and the Student Teachers Source Book for Year 1 and Year 2 can be accessed from the links on this page. For each year, the course content is divided into two units, as follows:

  1. Year 1
    1. Unit 1: ICT for connecting and learning
    2. Unit 2: ICT for creating (generic resources) and learning
  2. Year 2
    1. Unit 1: ICT for creating (subject specific resources) and learning
    2. Unit 2 - ICT for subject teaching-learning


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