Andhra Pradesh Subject Teacher Forum workshop October 2016

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Objectives of the STF programme

The STF programme will aim to:

  1. Build the computer literacy skills for teachers
  2. Learning to use Geogebra for creating simulations in Algebra and Geometry
  3. Learning to use of science tools like kalzium, PhET and Stellarium.
  4. How to use the internet as a learning resource - to create a resource library for my use and for the classroom and build digital resource libraries
  5. Develop digital literacy skills - email, internet search and downloading, freemind.

Participant information

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Click here to see the agenda for the workshop.

Workshop handout

Click Here for the through Workshop handout. If you are not able to download the user manual, you can download it from the email sent to the AP teachers forum


  1. Ubuntu Installation Handout

Tools Videos

  1. Watch videos in Telugu on popular public software applications for self learning
    1. Ubuntu Installation -
    2. Ubuntu GNU/Linux
    3. Firefox
    4. LibreOffice Writer
  2. Watch videos in English on popular public software applications for self learning
    1. Geogebra
    2. Ubuntu GNU/Linux
    3. Firefox
    4. GIMP
    5. LibreOffice Writer

Note Note: For more tutorial videos to learn many other Open Source applications Click here, here you can fine videos in your local language.

Other resources for learning

  1. Workshop User Manual
  3. Resource Book on OER

At the workshop

Workshop Photos

Click Here for this workshop photos

Resources created in the workshop

Teacher Champions in specific tools

Mind map - Smt Arundhati Madam

Libre Office Writer - Sri Ravi Kumar sir

Resources created by district team

Teachers shared resources on the mailing groups - Maths teachers forum and Science teachers forum

Participant Feedback

Enter Participant feedback. See Participant feedback summary

Workshop home work

  1. Practice Geogebra
  2. Send Emails - Maths teachers forum and Science teachers forum