English STF at Chitradurga DIET

Chitradurga RPs Puttuswamy Sir and Lakshman Sir, both of them were anxious before the workshop, they told this to me the day I was there too. I met the DIET Principal and the STF nodal officer on reaching. Had a talk with the DIET principal on what STF is, how has it been working, he had some idea from before. He said that he was shocked to see teachers staying back beyond 5 for this training when in most trainings they run away way before 5.

They accompanied me to the training and urged the teachers to talk about their experiences in English. Most of the teachers struggled and eventually chose to speak in Kannada. Mohan Sir (Science RP) had come to the workshop on day 1 and showed them spreadsheet, writer etc and also, how to analyse result using spreadsheet.

The teachers shared their concerns about English language teaching - how do we teach when our students do not know alphabets? One teacher said that her students get perplexed whenever she starts talking in English. I discussed NCF with them briefly, encouraged RPs to have discussion with teachers on the same ( this was scheduled for 3rd day).

I covered KOER and googlegroup with them. They were interested to see the lesson plans which they called as 'digital lesson plans'! They were interested in making the same..I discussed with Puttuswamy Sir how he could get the teachers to make their own lesson plans.

Over all, a very enthusiastic group of teachers! they were very excited by Ubuntu and KOER. They wanted to download the lesson plans, which is not available as of now on Karnataka Open Educational Resources (KOER) English. I am going to try and provide the same by today so they can download it.

Chitradurga is very beautiful, it is surrounded by wind mills on all sides.. it looks surreal. The fort is massive! One needs at least 2-3 hours to cover the entire fort. Will share pictures in a day or two of the same.


The other RP, Lakshman Sir seemed a little under confident at the training while Puttuswamy Sir who was also very under confident at the Bangalore training was completely in form at the training.. managing everything and had the training under his control :)


 Chiterdurge, no doubt seems to be a beautiful place but What motivated you especially to go to this place? And whatever is disseminated by you  whether it is incorporated in the real situation?