What do I wish for this New Year

What I hope in this New Year

(Dedicated to Dr B R Ambedkar and his vision for a just society)

What should I wish for this New Year I wondered
In a viral haze that has showcased so spectacularly our sickness
The new jasmine shoots resolutely emerging from under the infested old
Provided me just the perfect metaphorical pitchWhat do I Wish

What we need now is a deep intelligence,
To understand that we have torn asunder life’s web of interdependence
All that we have belongs in and is from this world
To recognize that our lives owe a million debts to many

I pray that our hearts be filled with sensitivity
A religious mind, affected by the joy and pain around us
And dare to go beyond the virtuous bubbles
That we have so proudly crafted our privileged lives in

Have the courage to acknowledge what we have received
Without the arrogance to repay what cannot be paid back
Seek the gift of an able body, a fearless mind and an innocent spirit
To rebuild the shattered lives, heal the schisms and restore rights

The world is a place where we must all find our expressions
For we are all only as strong as the weakest among us
It is our space to live, laugh, love and create
What Life created, let no human being arbiter.