NCF 2005 is now getting old> now its time to explore somthing new.

What is getting old- the concept or the implementation procedure?

What parts of NCF 2005 would you like to retain and What parts would you prefer to modify?

Let us generate an educators'  dialogue.

In order to NCF2005 we  need to work New ncf and state  people,  including  teachers,  teacher  trainers,  textbook  writers  and  curriculum  designers  must  begin  to  develop  a  holistic  perspective  on
It  is  important  to  realize  that  all  childr en  learn  the  basic  systems  and  subsystems  of  their
regional language,  including  a  substantial  part  of  their  sociological  back ground.

that is so true...

how do we start implementing what we already have? What parts of NCF2005 works for you in the context mentioned ?