in teaching of English lnguage what can be most suitable method .

Atpresent there are many methods and appraches in teaching of English .though every method is unique in itself and is most suitable for teaching a particular topic or item but how can we make a method more apropriate in its range ,selectivity ,coverage and teachability?More suggestions are solicited on this keeping in view the use of ICT to enhance the success of these methods.

u r  d best judge.

It depends sir, on so many factors eg. age, standard, family background of the stu.,  skills/habits  already acquired by them and last but not least, the whole environment around. At the initial stage direct method is better and bilingual method is more suitable at a higher stage. If the stu. have family backgrounds inducive to spoken Eng. then direct method should be used. Forming the speech habits is more important and effective at a lower age so direct method of teaching english should and must be used etc. Focus of study also matters. If the focus is on learning translation skills then grammar translation method is best etc.