How to create anxiety-free situations in the class-room?

Give them ample time to learn, make learning flexible

teaching of english in rural area is a tough work.

To be friendly co-operative and easily and readily available to your learners and get them afeel of your being concerened to them will certainly make children feel anxiety free. More over teaching learning can be made a playful activity by using modern gadgets like smart phones , LCD and animations.

Good sir.

Classrooms are to be in designed in such a way that every body gets the attention of the teacher. Participation of every child has to be ensured after striking a perfect rappo with evry child. They are to be encouraged to participate in their own way. Disscussion, and debates should also be held in the class and perspective of each child should be applauded and critical appreciation should be done by the teacher on a particular topic so that every child can grasp the central idea of the chaper being transacted.

 More and more activities loaded with local examples should be done/performed in the actual classroom situation. Teacher must engage with the children in such a way that child take the things in friendly manner and he/she responds spontaneously. Teacher should also teach the background or the contemporary socio-cultural mileau about the particular topic in such a way that children's imagination are stirred and they  are transported to the particular era or age or scenario. Only then they can have a sense of crical thinking about the topic which is very necessary. Use of technology can also play a vital role in the classrooms and children can  learn better and they are pressure free while learning.     

Ideal solutions have been presented by you very eloquently and rhetorically. Lets see what happens when they meet the real situations especially in rural areas.

this is a sensitive teachers aware of anxities of the learner!

What is this anxiety about? And what type of anxiety?

Can the anxieties be addressed by role playing, story telling and adapting games to let learning happen??