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Workshop outcomes "ICT integration from 11th to 15th March"

All the participants are requested to upload their work created during this workshop or provide the link to your work. You are also requested to explain within 5-6 sentences the work you have created. Thank You. 


Workshop glimpses

NCF 2005

As we know English is a link languaege word wide. each & everyperson want to have knowledge of this langluage. if we speak of India there are great opportunities in every field of life. So everybody want to intereact through this language. but this is a secondary language to us and we feel inconvinent with it. though a average person can write and read it but he feel difficulty in spoken english. So I want to give some tips ideas and techniques to learn to speak it fluently.

Teaching English in Rural India

Thre are so many schools, Universities and organisations worried about the pace and quality of english learning in India particularly in rural areas. Why is this question standing till today. Are those organisations not really serioous about the problem or the problem is tooo comlicated to be solved

English STF at Chitradurga DIET

Chitradurga RPs Puttuswamy Sir and Lakshman Sir, both of them were anxious before the workshop, they told this to me the day I was there too. I met the DIET Principal and the STF nodal officer on reaching. Had a talk with the DIET principal on what STF is, how has it been working, he had some idea from before. He said that he was shocked to see teachers staying back beyond 5 for this training when in most trainings they run away way before 5.


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