The Thirsty Crow

The story of The Thirsty Crow has been in various text books for a long time now. I studied it during my school days and now , i teach it to my students.So the crow seems to be thirsty for a long time and will be thirsty for ages to come.It looks funny but at a higher level the story can be interpreted in many ways. The Crow's search may stand here for man's thirst for knowledge, which can never be quenched.So the knowledge thirsty crow is bound to remain thirsty for ever.

Teaching of prose

 Prose is an important area of English Literature. It allows us to get the  detailed view about the subject matter. Unlike poetry it is easily understandable as it is story-like. Students must be allowed to read the prose loudly so that the pronunciation can be refined at the same time by the teacher. I am giving some examples asto how to teach prose


Story telling at primary level

I have find a interesting story for kids . I have prepared a presentation on it inserting some colourfull images. have a look on it and suggest me to make it more effective.



Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills are brain development skills. To learn more pl visit to 

ICT infrastructure & ICT integration in teaching at DIETS

Hello Friends!

Now that you are equipped with so many open tools as well as proprietary tools how do you plan to change the way you teach at DIETS?

Do you have effective infrastructure in the classrooms?


EXPERIENCE OF ignou training ICT

IGNOU training regarding ICT IS A NEW EXPERIENCE.i experienced METRO. RESOURCE PERSONS very kind and  co-operative.very bigning we introduced ourselves. CEMCA  is a new world for me.Mam rakha,neeru ,vinita,jyoti and RCshramaPankajsirdid their best.during five days training i learn new things. like g mail excessing various web sites  wiki blog .pankaj sir tought how to create blog.


Presently I am working as Lecturer In GISTC Hoshiarpur Punjab.


There is in each of us so much goodness and energy that if we could discover and see its glow.We can light the whole world.

my family

Workshop outcomes "ICT integration from 11th to 15th March"

All the participants are requested to upload their work created during this workshop or provide the link to your work. You are also requested to explain within 5-6 sentences the work you have created. Thank You. 


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